Water Bead Fun

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Water beads!! What a crazy sensory experience! I know we are late to the game and these crazy little things have been around for years, but we have never played with them until today. The kids played with them for easily 2 hours and even I couldn’t resist sinking my hand into them each time I passed.

I ordered a big bag of assorted colors off Amazon. They came individually packaged and we opened up about 20 bags and combined them all together. We used a rainbow of colors and some clear ones thrown in too. Don’t be fooled by my close up picture, they are tiny!



We put the water beads in a big casserole dish and filled it up with water. They looked so cool in the water and almost instantly the beads started to grow. The package said to leave them for about 4 hours and in that time they would grow to full size. So we decided to head out on some errands and see what they were like when we came home.


When we got home, about 3 hours later, the kids ran to see what they looked like. The water was gone and they were huge! The kids were so excited to get their hands on them. I split the beads into 3 casserole dishes and added some more water for the kids to play with. There are so many different ways to play and explore with water beads, but today we just kept it simple. Each of my kids had a towel, a slotted scoop (I also got these on Amazon and they are awesome!), paint palette and various containers.





Just sticking your hands in them and feeling the unique texture is fun on it’s own and something my middle little did for most of the time. My oldest figured out that they bounce and he thought it was fun to see how high they could go. We had to make a rule of one at time, because at one point we had water beads bouncing all over the kitchen. My smallest little discovered a pretty cool trick and it definitely played with your mind. Below is her container filled up with water, or so she says … then she would say “would you like to put your hand in?”. Once your hand goes in you realize it’s not just a container of water, it is full of clear beads! Totally plays a trick on your mind, to be expecting the feeling of water and actually get wet squishy beads!



Needless to say water beads were a huge hit at our house and will be a regular part of our sensory play!


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