Over the years, I have learned that the best thing to do with a good idea is to share it! Hello Clover grew out of saying “Hello!” to my creativity and a desire to share it with the people around me. Each of our individual talents and experiences shape us, thus making our individual creativity unique … You are one in a million and as rare as a 4-leaf clover, remember that!

Exploring a creative life doesn’t have to be complicated or take a lot of time. The most important step is to have fun and just start!



Meet Lauren… 

I have always had a passion to create! When I was little I would spend countless hours drawing and crafting. In high school I spent all of my time in the art or sewing room (Hello fantastic plaid dress I made for Graduation!). I followed my love for sewing to Lethbridge College where I graduated with a Diploma in Fashion Design and Garment Construction. It was such a fun 2 years and I am so thankful for a mother that encouraged me to pursue something that I loved.

I married my high school sweetheart and life and babies came next. My days were filled with diapers, feedings and sewing super hero capes, instead of making marvelous haute couture garments. It is here, in my everyday, that I found my true passion… creating for and with my children.

Our days are perfectly imperfect. There is marker on the counter tops (much to my husband’s dismay), glitter on the floor and muddy shoes in the front hall. We explore together, create together and grow together. Living a creative life is something that I am trying to encourage in my children, one colorful mess at a time.


4 Things you don’t know about me…

  1. Eggs Benny is my kryptonite.
  2. I own way too many pairs of Vans… just joking, you can NEVER have too many!!
  3. I read waaaay past my bedtime.
  4. I sing in the car. Loudly. #noshame


krisitne2aMeet Kristine // 
Contributing Writer …

I love to create. As a young girl designing with my ‘fashion plates’ to sewing a shirt for my 5th grade school picture (hello 1980s) to designing & sewing my own wedding dress, I have always had a passion for creating. Sewing was my spark. Ignited and fueled by years of watching a loving grandmother sew her own clothes, embroider dainty tablecloths, and meticulously piece together beautiful quilts with a big smile on her face and a thimble on her finger.

Life gets busy. You get married. You have children. You move. You have more children. You build a house. You change jobs. You’re pregnant. Again.

I have struggled over the years to find small snippets of time for any sort of creativity. Changing the way I mate socks or set the table became the extent of my creative outlet. Caught up in the overwhelming ‘to do’ lists, full time jobs, and small children- some days it was a miracle everyone was fed, dressed, and bathed (never mind if the play dough was hard!).

We get it. We are doing it too. Some days you get the ‘Best Mom Ever’ award. Other days, not so much! We want this blog to be real. We want to share our ideas- both the big and small, because we know that some days it just has to be simple!

4 Things you don’t know about me…

  1. My eyes are always closed in pictures. Hello, 10 shots later!
  2. I love, love, love the ballet and theater.
  3. I don’t do mornings.
  4. My alter-ego is a marathon runner.