Cultivating Positivity

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Our inner voice is so important and often times it isn’t the most positive voice we hear. I want my kids to be kind and encouraging with themselves. To see the bright side of things and to truly know how unique they are. This is something that has taken me 30 years to realize … be kind to yourself! 

In an effort to cultivate more positivity, love and confidence in our family, I created a positivity jar (better name to come, haha, I’m open to suggestions). Inside it is filled with slips of paper with positive affirmations written on them. Each morning we all choose one and read it aloud. We take that affirmation, whatever it may be, and keep it in our mind through out the day. We can repeat it when we need some extra encouragement, a reminder of our talents, etc.

Some of the affirmations in our jar are …

I am helpful. I am a good friend. I am strong. I am beautiful inside and out. I am a good listener. I am one in a million. I am loved.




The kids laughed and thought it was a little weird at first. They said things like “You mean I’m supposed to talk to me?” and “Won’t people think I’m weird if I’m talking to myself?”. Once I explained that they could do it privately in their mind, like reading a book in their head, they opened up to the idea. I sometimes ask them what their affirmation was when they get home from school and they proudly repeat it. It brightens up their whole demeanor and hopefully this simple act can be the foundation for a lifetime of positive self talk.

To cultivate positivity in your own family, print off some affirmations here and create your own jar!


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