Birthday Traditions

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The older I get, the more I realize how important family traditions are. Family traditions are the glue that helps families stick together! They strengthen bonds, create lasting memories, add to the rhythm and stability of life, teach values and … Continued

Lego Organization

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There is nothing worse than stepping on a piece of Lego with bare feet, am I right??! I have found that if my littles do not have a organized place for their Legos then they end up exploding all over … Continued

Bunny Flyers

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Happy Easter weekend!! This morning my littles and I made some simple Bunny Flyers, inspired by the paper helicopters we made awhile back. You don’t need much to make them and they are super entertaining for kids … and adults! … Continued

Leprechaun Names

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St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and my littles are super excited. Surprisingly this is one of their favorite holidays! Every year they are convinced that they are going to catch a Leprechaun. I love seeing their reactions … Continued

Meet the Artist – Klimt Inspired Sculptures

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We have loved focusing on the artist, Gustav Klimt through out February. My littles and I have had many conversations about his paintings and what they liked/disliked about them. For the most part, they were all enamored with his paintings … Continued

Meet the Artist – Gustav Klimt

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For February, our Meet the Artist was Gustav Klimt. What better month to learn about Klimt than the month of love, since many of his paintings oooze love, connection and sensuality. I was so excited to learn and share with … Continued

Still Life Donuts

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My littles were off school on break for 10 days, which meant 10 days of trying to keep them from playing video games and fighting all day long. We spent the break crafting, playing with cousins, visiting the zoo and … Continued

Stitched With Love Valentines

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My littles cannot get enough of the sewing machine they got for Christmas, especially my littlest. Because of her love for sewing, we decided to incorporate it into making her Valentines! One year for Halloween we put together some little … Continued

I Like You A Latte

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When making class Valentines, you can’t forget about the teachers!! Those wonderful people spend so much time with our littles, putting in such hard work and effort, that it’s nice to show them some love. This simple I Like You … Continued


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What do you do when your little dude reaches the age when giving out hearts and saying ‘I Like You’ isn’t cool for Valentines Day anymore? Add some slime! Slime makes everything better!! This is exactly how my middle dude … Continued

Golden Snitch Valentines

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with that inevitably comes class parties and Valentine’s cards. My littles have been busy dreaming up what they would like their cards to look like for weeks now and I have to say they … Continued

Spread the Love


Happy February 1st!! We are officially in the month of all things red, pink and heart shaped! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, because it just seems to give everyone that extra little push to tell each other … Continued

Good Reads

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Each year for Christmas we get our kids a few books. Often its the next book in a series they’re reading, other times its a beautiful picture book and sometimes you just have to learn how to speak droid and … Continued

Meet the Artist – Matisse Inspired Playdough Art

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The kids and I have been having fun learning about Matisse and being inspired by his beautiful works of art. We created a collage using colorful paper shapes and read a whole pile of picture books about Henri Matisse’s life. … Continued