Recycled Lid Art

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We have been collecting and saving up bottle lids for a long time. Something about their rainbow of colors and shapes made them a fun thing to save and add to our art room. The kids occasionally use in their … Continued

Cardboard Faces

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This was one of those projects that started out with one intention and halfway through plans changed and ended with something different, but completely wonderful! My intention with this invitation to create was for the kids to make masks, since … Continued

Halloween Candy Cookies

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The kids brought home all the Halloween candy! Seriously, between the 3 of them, it filled 2 bins overflowing. A week later and the candy/chocolate bin is 3/4 gone!! I can’t believe we have eaten that much candy!? I had to … Continued

Family Book Club

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It’s that time again … family book club! The kids LOVED our last selections, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Falling Up by Shel Silverstein. They giggled and laughed their way through the poems and were inspired by the illustrations! They are … Continued

Halloween Playdough

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My kids love playdough. Like absolutely LOVE it!! Because of this simple fact, I wanted to create a fun Halloween activity for them to do, that included playdough. After browsing Pinterest and gaining some inspiration, I decided to set out … Continued

Halloween Costume – Viking

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Halloween is fast approaching and my littles have been itching to get their costumes figured out. So went to the basement and dug out the Halloween boxes to see what costumes still fit. My two boys decided that they wanted … Continued

Giving Thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving!! We are super excited to celebrate with our family this year and to stuff our bellies with yummy turkey and pie! I am in love with this sweet turkey that my littlest brought home from school today … … Continued

Learning Sight Words

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My littlest little is busy learning her sight words at school and so her teacher sent home a list to practice at home. I decided to make something fun to help her practice, instead of just reading off a list. … Continued

Family Book Club

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As you probably know by now, we have started a family book club to further encourage the love of reading in our home. We recently finished the illustrated edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. I … Continued

Happy Summer

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I’m going to be taking some time off to soak in the last few weeks of sunshine and my littles before school starts. I feel like the summer has just flown right by. I love the structure and routine of … Continued

Paper Helicopters

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One of the things that sold me on our current house was how the stairwell was open to all 3 stories, trivial I know, but I loved it. I immediately had visions of parachute men and rappelling stuffed animals making … Continued