Summer Reading

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We are about halfway into summer and loving every sun filled day of it!! Our days have been spent riding bikes, playing in the sprinkler, discovering new parks, visiting the beach and seeing cousins. It has been a blast so … Continued

God’s Eye Weaving

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I have been collecting and hoarding yarn for quite some time. Every time I go to the craft store I think “I have to get this! We can do something awesome with it!!”.  Well, the time has come to do something … Continued


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Oobleck is nothing new, it’s been around forever. However if you’ve never had the pleasure of playing with something that feels like both a liquid and a solid (a non-Newtonian fluid, if you will), you’re missing out! We have made … Continued

Melty Beads

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Perler Beads or melty beads as my kids call them, are their kryptonite! We cannot go into the craft store without buying another pack of beads or a new template. They love them and they keep them busy for hours! … Continued

Sewing With Kids – Cross Stitch

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Now that we’ve gotten all the essential tools and created sewing kits for my littles, it’s time for a simple project! Learning hand sewing techniques is a simple way to introduce children to the world of sewing, without overwhelming them with … Continued

You Are One In a Million!

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This simple phrase is something that I hold very close to my heart. It has such a positive power … “You are one in a million”. It’s taken me many years to accept my individuality and to embrace it. We … Continued

Paint Swatch Bookmarks

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I don’t know about your house, but here there is always a shortage of bookmarks. I find scraps of papers, Legos, pens … you name it, stuck in books trying to keep their spot. We are all avid readers, so … Continued

The Tooth Tradition

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My littlest little lost her first tooth this week! She looks ridiculously cute with her goofy smile and she is very excited for her first Tooth Fairy visit! We have a tradition in our family that when my littles loose … Continued

Family Book Club

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Awhile back we started a family book club to help my littlest little fall in love with books and reading again. She became very discouraged this past year when they started learning to read independently at school. Our last book … Continued

Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! Today we celebrated by baking Earth shaped sugar cookies, making seed bombs and starting some seeds in eggshells. The cookies were much easier to make than I anticipated and the kids ended up doing 95% of the … Continued

Art Themed Gift

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My littlest little is headed to her first ever friend Birthday party this weekend and was in need of a gift. We love to give books for Birthdays, but my little wasn’t too thrilled about it. She thought the latest … Continued

Secret Spy Birthday Party


Both boys celebrate their Birthdays in March, so it can be alittle busy depending on what we do. This year they both twisted our arms into letting them have a friend party, instead of our usual low key family dinner. … Continued

Marbled Easter Eggs

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Easter egg dying is always such a fun activity. I love seeing all the different colors and the creations that my kids make. In years past we have used natural dyes (onion skins, cabbage, turmeric, etc), but this year we … Continued

Rainbow Flower Experiment

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To get into the St.Patrick’s Day spirit, the kids and I thought we’d try a rainbow flower experiment! I picked up the supplies and after school we got to work. We started by deciding on the colors we wanted to … Continued