Beaded Icicle Ornaments

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I have spent years trying to have that perfectly decorated tree, that you see in magazines and on Pinterest. When it came time to get out the tree and decorate, I would let the kids help put the ornaments on and then after they went to bed I’d move them all around, till they were perfectly placed. I would do this almost every night. I know I’m not the only one that does this!? Let me rephrase that, use to do that, because this year is different. This year our tree is all about my kids … and it is fantastic!! I just wish I would have chilled out sooner, so that we could’ve had this perfectly imperfect tree years earlier!

Our tree this year is focused around fun, bright colors and handmade ornaments. We made these rainbow bead icicle ornaments, inspired by the classic icicle craft we all made as kids, you know the ones made using a pipe cleaner and some pretty clear beads.


Materials + Supplies

  • Craft Beads, any color
  • 16g Wire
  • Wire Snips
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Jingle Bells (Optional)
  1. Cut the wire into lengths ranging from 6″ – 8″. Feed a jingle bell onto the wire + use the needle nose pliers to bend a small loop on the bottom of the wire, securing the jingle bell in the loop (pictured below). I did this step + made a whole bunch of them to have ready for the kids.



2. Start feeding beads onto the wire … any color + patterns! My older kids favored monochromatic icicles, while my littlest + I went for the rainbows. Be sure to leave about 1.5″ – 2″ of wire at the top.


3. Using the needle nose pliers, bend the wire at the top into a swirl. I used a pencil on some to help make a nice round swirl + then spaced it out abit. Now go hang them on your tree + admire how pretty they look!

They are that easy! We all had fun creating them and they were quite calming to make. I love all the fun rainbow colors that they add to our tree!




Embrace the perfectly imperfect tree this season and get creative with your kids! Happy Decorating!


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