Birthday Traditions

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The older I get, the more I realize how important family traditions are. Family traditions are the glue that helps families stick together! They strengthen bonds, create lasting memories, add to the rhythm and stability of life, teach values and many, many more things! As my own little family grows, I am trying extra hard to create and maintain our own unique set of traditions. I have noticed that our birthday celebrations are FULL of traditions and ones that my littles have started eagerly anticipating year after year! They are pretty simple, but they have had a big impact on bonding our family together and I’m excited to share them with you!

One of our first traditions we started was ‘Birthday Morning Balloons’. We started this when my oldest was 3, because what 3 year old doesn’t love balloons?! Here’s how this tradition works, it’s SO simple … The night before their birthday, after they’ve gone to bed and fallen asleep, my husband and I sneak helium balloons into their bedroom. The number that they are turning is how many balloons we put in their room. Then on the morning of their birthday they wake up to their room full of balloons! They get so excited to count them and make sure that we didn’t leave any out. Over the years we have switched from inflating the balloons ourselves to purchasing them from a local party store, because their balloons last so much longer.

One of our other traditions is our ‘Birthday Box’. It’s a box full of reusable decorations, fabric gift wraps and games! I put it together years ago and have added to it as time goes by. It started with the rainbow bunting banners that I sewed and the baskets/balls, then we added the egg race game and most recently some fabric gift wraps that I also made.

The rainbow bunting banners are such a fun, festive way to decorate! They are super simple to hang up … I either tape them to the walls or tie them onto our curtain rods.

The fabric gift wraps are one of my favorite additions! They make wrapping a breeze and I love the simplicity of them! I shared about how I made them in a previous post, that you can find here!

Having a few simple party games in our box was genius! The kids still enjoy them as much now, as they did 5 years ago. I think it’s because they get packed away and only come out for birthdays! We play a few rounds all together as a family and then my littles like to play with them while we get dinner ready.

Our last birthday tradition and my most loved, are our ‘Family Books’. Each family member has their own hardcover journal and instead of giving cards to eachother for special occasions, we write in their book. We date the page and all write a special message. This way all our well wishes are in one place and it is so fun to look through and see how my littles’ writing changes so much from year to year. I often find them on the couch re-reading their notes in their books!

I love that these simple traditions are strengthening our family bonds and creating such fun, lasting memories! I hope some of our traditions maybe inspire new ones in your family, because traditions are so, so important!


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