Book Themed Baby Shower

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This weekend I hosted a book themed baby shower for my fabulous friend. It was so much fun to plan and all the details came together beautifully for the party.

My friend is expecting a baby boy so I went with a black/white/turquoise color scheme. She is super organized and has most everything for baby, so went went with a book theme to build a library for baby. In the invitations I included a library card and pocket, along with a note that read “Please bring a book instead of a card”.


We have a serious weakness for books at my house, so I raided my book library for most of the decorations. The illustrations on the children’s books made for the perfect backdrop. I wrapped some thicker books with black and turquoise paper to use as balloon weights and scattered them around the house. A few weeks back, my oldest helped me put together some book page banners. I hung them in the windows and through out the house, but didn’t manage to get very many pictures of them. Since her shower was over Thanksgiving weekend, I thought the perfect finishing touch would be a few white pumpkins. It’s fun how a few simple decorations can pull the whole theme together.




The shower was right around lunch time, so we had a few things to snack on. I served veggies with dip, mini caprese skewers, apples with caramel dip, deviled eggs (a favorite of the mom to be) and bakery doughnuts. I spruced up the doughnuts with a squiggle of blue chocolate, to go with our theme. Everything tasted yummy and the deviled eggs flew off the tray!



I know not everyone is a fan of games at a baby shower, so I kept it simple. No tasting melted chocolate bars out of diapers here. The first game was ‘Mommy or Daddy’, where the guests were given a sheet full of facts and they had to decide whether it was about Mommy or Daddy. After everyone filled out their sheets we went through each question and the mom-to-be held up either a mustache or lips depending on the right answer.



The second game was ‘B is for Belly’ and the guests were given a small clear bag with a piece of yarn and the the tag below. They had to guess how big the mom-to-be’s belly was, cut the yarn to that length and then they measured it around her. It was a pretty funny game and she was such a good sport about measuring her bump. 3 guests came pretty close to having the exact length of yarn!



It was so fun to see all the books everyone brought! Some were board books, some were favorite storybooks and some were even books from her childhood, that her mother had saved to give to her. Each book had the library card from the invitation inside, so that every time they read a book they can be reminded about all their friends and family that love them!



All the guests went home with the little bookworm party favors that I made last week, as a thank you for coming. It was such a special afternoon, for such a special mom-to-be! I’m super happy with how everything came together and cannot wait to snuggle that new little babe!



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