Bookworm Party Favors

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My fabulous friend is expecting her first baby and I am hosting a book themed baby shower for her in week. I thought I’d check something off my to do list and make some party favors. I stuck right with the theme for these and created little pouches out of old book pages and filled them with bookworms. They turned out SO cute and I can’t wait to give them out!


Materials + Supplies

  • Book Pages
  • Thank You Tag
  • Thread
  • Treats
  • Small Zip Top Bags
  • Ruler
  • Exacto Knife/Rotary Cutter
  • Self Healing Mat
  • Sewing Machine
  1. I started with cutting my book pages down to the same size 4″x6″. For mine I used pages from Green Eggs & Ham + Curious George, 2 very loved books at our house that were completely falling apart.
  2. Get all set up at your sewing machine + thread it with the color you’ve chosen. Have the book pages + thank you tags handy.


3. Gently fold the book page in half matching up the 4″ sides, do not crease the fold. Start a straight stitch down the 4″ side, backstitching at the beginning + using the edge of your presser foot as a guide. Pivot at the corner (make sure your needle is down), before you start sewing again place the thank you tag in the middle of the bottom edge, lining up all the edges. Start sewing again to the end + backstitch.


4. Put a few worms into the zip top bags + pop them into the book page pouches.

Now for this next step I don’t have a picture. I tend to get excited about my projects and just blow right through, so by the time I realized I hadn’t taken a picture I was all done, ha.

5. Take the pouch + match up the edges of the opening, the opposite way so that the seam we sewed before is at the top center (you can kind of see this in the very last picture). Gently push the seam off to the side. The pouch should be in that fun triangle shape now. Sew a straight stitch like before along the top opening, remembering to backstitch at the beginning + end.



There you have it! Super fun, easy little party favors. They turned out even better than I pictured and I think they will make the perfect little thank you for our book themed baby shower.


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