Bug Houses

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This year we built bug houses for our yard. I thought this was a great companion project to go along with our garden. With a small yard, this means not a lot of places for the ‘good bugs’ to live. I decided to make a few small bug houses using the same idea as a bird house but without the front or the back. This made it easy and I was able to make several different sizes and shapes adding some variety.


I have to admit it was quite fun and I got a little carried away, turning our kitchen into a little bug house factory! The kids loved painting and helping me assemble the houses. Once put together, then came the really fun part, a treasure hunt of sorts- searching for items to put in our bug homes. We needed sticks, pine cones, twine, hay, raffia, anything that we could tuck into the small boxes. I cut and then stapled some fine gauge fencing to the fronts of a couple of them to hold the ‘furnishings’ in place. We were surprised at how much we actually needed to fill each little cubbie- still filling them in when I took my pictures!


I had the kids do some research on ‘beneficial bugs’ and how plants are pollinated. We all had a great time and were able to learn something useful too. Such a fun project!


Lady bug, Lady bug fly away home! Oh wait- come back!kristine




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