Bunny Flyers

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Happy Easter weekend!! This morning my littles and I made some simple Bunny Flyers, inspired by the paper helicopters we made awhile back. You don’t need much to make them and they are super entertaining for kids … and adults! All you need to make them are the Bunny Flyers printable found below, paper clips, pom poms, hot glue and scissors!

Grab your free printable below and start making your own Bunny Flyers!!

Bunny Flyers Printable

My littles decorated the bunnies on their sheets using markers and pencil crayons, then cut them out. While they were busy coloring and cutting, I hot glued a pom pom onto the paper clips to make a cute little bunny tail and to add some extra weight. We then slipped the paper clip onto the bottom of the bunnies and gently folded the ears over, in opposite directions. Look how cute the bunnies all look! I’m in love with that cute little pom pom bunny tail!

To make them twirl and fly, drop the bunnies from above and watch them float down. My littles love to drop them down our stairwell, all the way down to basement!

These Bunny Flyers were a big hit at my house and I’m sure they will be with yours too! They are simple to create and will entertain your littles when you need a spare moment, during this busy weekend! Happy Easter!

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