Cardboard Faces

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This was one of those projects that started out with one intention and halfway through plans changed and ended with something different, but completely wonderful! My intention with this invitation to create was for the kids to make masks, since I set this out around Halloween. However, as they started exploring with the cardboard pieces it turned into silly faces and portraits! A few years ago, this seemingly small change of plans would have sent me into a nervous meltdown, but now I’m learning to embrace the unexpected flow of creativity … and to just go with it!


Materials + Supplies

  • Random Cardboard Shapes + Pieces
  • Scissors
  • Glue Gun or White Glue (we used a glue gun, because my kids LOVE it and were begging for a chance to use it)
  • Paints/Markers (optional)
  1. Set out supplies + start creating!! I gave a simple instruction of “Let’s make a mask”, which turned into faces. Mostly I think it was because they were having way too much fun with the eyes!
  2. Glue all the pieces down.
  3. You can then add some color using paints or markers, or you can leave them as is which is wonderful too!



I love how each one of their creations turned out so unique to them! They all got right into, even taking off the top layer of paper on some pieces to reveal the corrugated cardboard. My two boys opted to just add a touch of color, while my littlest decided to paint almost her whole portrait. Just look at the personalities!

We mounted them on some construction paper and then slid them into some empty frames we had in our art room. The frames looked like they were made for the portraits! I’m dying over the top hat, handle bar mustache and how the girl looks like she’s been squished into the frame!!




Shortly after creating their faces, I saw this post by The Artful Parent, about an activity she did from Art Bar’s new book! See?! Such a good idea and I cannot wait to get my hands on a copy of this book! Both of these women are so inspiring and creative. If you’re not familiar with their blogs, you should definitely check them out!

The Artful Parent

Art Bar

Now go grab some cardboard out of your recycling bins and get creating!!


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