Birthday Traditions

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The older I get, the more I realize how important family traditions are. Family traditions are the glue that helps families stick together! They strengthen bonds, create lasting memories, add to the rhythm and stability of life, teach values and … Continued

Kitty Cat Birthday Party

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My littlest little celebrated her 6th birthday last weekend!! I know it’s cliche, but where has the time gone?! Since her brothers got to have a friend party this year, so did she and she was over the moon excited! … Continued

Art Themed Gift

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My littlest little is headed to her first ever friend Birthday party this weekend and was in need of a gift. We love to give books for Birthdays, but my little wasn’t too thrilled about it. She thought the latest … Continued

Secret Spy Birthday Party


Both boys celebrate their Birthdays in March, so it can be alittle busy depending on what we do. This year they both twisted our arms into letting them have a friend party, instead of our usual low key family dinner. … Continued

Science Birthday Party

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Birthdays are usually low key, family affairs around our house, but this year the boys twisted our arm into letting them have friends over for a party. My middle little wanted to have a science themed party, so that they … Continued