Merry Christmas Eve

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Just a quick post to share a wonderful idea that our Mother did this year for Christmas (you know Kristine and I had to get our creative side from somewhere!). Since it didn’t work out for all of us siblings … Continued


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Nutcrackers have become a huge tradition in our family. Ever since the kids were little, Santa has been sending a Nutcracker to our our house on December 1st, to keep an eye out for him. Each year a different Nutcracker … Continued

Dino Christmas Ornaments

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In keeping with our fun, colorful and homemade ornament theme this year, I thought some DIY glittered dinos were in order! I know this is not a new idea (there have been glittered dinos and animals on Pinterest forever), but … Continued

Fabric Gift Wraps

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Are you a wait till the last minute wrapper or I’ve had it all done for weeks wrapper??! Me, I’m somewhere in-between! I try to get a good chunk of it done ahead of time, but always end up wrapping … Continued

Framed Art Ornaments

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I have had these little frames on my tree for years! I always had the intention of filling them with photos, but never got around to it. This year, going with my theme of homemade ornaments, I thought it would … Continued

Beaded Icicle Ornaments

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I have spent years trying to have that perfectly decorated tree, that you see in magazines and on Pinterest. When it came time to get out the tree and decorate, I would let the kids help put the ornaments on … Continued

Christmas Lego Advent

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This post is better late than never, I guess. Prepare yourself for Lego. Lego. And more Lego. We love Lego and have made it part of our Christmas tradition. Advent calendars come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and themes. … Continued

Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas from our house to yours! I hope you are enjoying your morning with your family and soaking up all that Christmas morning goodness. I have my feet up (in my new slippers) enjoying a chai latte, while the … Continued