Halloween Candy Cookies

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The kids brought home all the Halloween candy! Seriously, between the 3 of them, it filled 2 bins overflowing. A week later and the candy/chocolate bin is 3/4 gone!! I can’t believe we have eaten that much candy!? I had to … Continued

Halloween Playdough

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My kids love playdough. Like absolutely LOVE it!! Because of this simple fact, I wanted to create a fun Halloween activity for them to do, that included playdough. After browsing Pinterest and gaining some inspiration, I decided to set out … Continued

Halloween Bling


Halloween at our house can get a little crazy. With six kids, I have had to learn to simplify this literally- scary day! Something I started years ago, that has saved me over and over, is to collect accessories. As … Continued

Halloween Costume – Viking

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Halloween is fast approaching and my littles have been itching to get their costumes figured out. So went to the basement and dug out the Halloween boxes to see what costumes still fit. My two boys decided that they wanted … Continued

Creepy Brain Cupcakes

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Happy Halloween!! I just had to share these creepy cupcakes that I made for dessert tonight, because they turned out so good (both in the way they look and the way they taste, yum!). They are seriously so easy to … Continued

Halloween House Decorations

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Halloween decorating is one of my favorite things! I’m not really into the spooky or creepy things, mainly from having small children around and also because it creeps me out. When we moved awhile back, I got rid of ALOT … Continued

Halloween Treat Bags

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Trick-or-treating! My kids, heck any kid, has been talking about it for weeks now! As the official candy-hander-outer at our house, there’s nothing I dislike more than fumbling with numerous candies, trying to give one of each kind or however … Continued

Halloween Costume – Werewolf

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This costume seriously is the EASIEST costume to put together and definitely has big bang for it’s buck! This particular one has been in rotation for the last 4 years at our house and has held up fabulously. My middle … Continued

Halloween Costume – Mad Scientist

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. For me it is all about creating the costumes, I LOVE costumes! C’mon, who doesn’t love dressing up?! This year for Halloween was pretty simple, as 2 of the 3 littles … Continued

Sugar Skull Masks


One of our favorite movies of all time is ‘The Book of Life’. We watch it alot and it captivates our entire family, not just the kids. The story, the artwork, the music … we love everything about it! When … Continued