Stitched With Love Valentines

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My littles cannot get enough of the sewing machine they got for Christmas, especially my littlest. Because of her love for sewing, we decided to incorporate it into making her Valentines! One year for Halloween we put together some little … Continued

I Like You A Latte

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When making class Valentines, you can’t forget about the teachers!! Those wonderful people spend so much time with our littles, putting in such hard work and effort, that it’s nice to show them some love. This simple I Like You … Continued


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What do you do when your little dude reaches the age when giving out hearts and saying ‘I Like You’ isn’t cool for Valentines Day anymore? Add some slime! Slime makes everything better!! This is exactly how my middle dude … Continued

Golden Snitch Valentines

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with that inevitably comes class parties and Valentine’s cards. My littles have been busy dreaming up what they would like their cards to look like for weeks now and I have to say they … Continued

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Happy February 1st!! We are officially in the month of all things red, pink and heart shaped! Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, because it just seems to give everyone that extra little push to tell each other … Continued