Lego Organization

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There is nothing worse than stepping on a piece of Lego with bare feet, am I right??! I have found that if my littles do not have a organized place for their Legos then they end up exploding all over … Continued

Meet the Artist – Klimt Inspired Sculptures

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We have loved focusing on the artist, Gustav Klimt through out February. My littles and I have had many conversations about his paintings and what they liked/disliked about them. For the most part, they were all enamored with his paintings … Continued

Meet the Artist – Matisse Inspired Playdough Art

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The kids and I have been having fun learning about Matisse and being inspired by his beautiful works of art. We created a collage using colorful paper shapes and read a whole pile of picture books about Henri Matisse’s life. … Continued


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Nutcrackers have become a huge tradition in our family. Ever since the kids were little, Santa has been sending a Nutcracker to our our house on December 1st, to keep an eye out for him. Each year a different Nutcracker … Continued

Dino Christmas Ornaments

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In keeping with our fun, colorful and homemade ornament theme this year, I thought some DIY glittered dinos were in order! I know this is not a new idea (there have been glittered dinos and animals on Pinterest forever), but … Continued

Framed Art Ornaments

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I have had these little frames on my tree for years! I always had the intention of filling them with photos, but never got around to it. This year, going with my theme of homemade ornaments, I thought it would … Continued

Beaded Icicle Ornaments

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I have spent years trying to have that perfectly decorated tree, that you see in magazines and on Pinterest. When it came time to get out the tree and decorate, I would let the kids help put the ornaments on … Continued

Halloween Playdough

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My kids love playdough. Like absolutely LOVE it!! Because of this simple fact, I wanted to create a fun Halloween activity for them to do, that included playdough. After browsing Pinterest and gaining some inspiration, I decided to set out … Continued

Bug Houses

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This year we built bug houses for our yard. I thought this was a great companion project to go along with our garden. With a small yard, this means not a lot of places for the ‘good bugs’ to live. I … Continued

Little Builders

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I love creating with wood. I am no master carpenter- but welcome a simple little project! We had a friend who was making a big move and in the process gave us a trailer full of scrap wood. Some people … Continued

Melty Beads

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Perler Beads or melty beads as my kids call them, are their kryptonite! We cannot go into the craft store without buying another pack of beads or a new template. They love them and they keep them busy for hours! … Continued

Paint Swatch Bookmarks

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I don’t know about your house, but here there is always a shortage of bookmarks. I find scraps of papers, Legos, pens … you name it, stuck in books trying to keep their spot. We are all avid readers, so … Continued

The Tooth Tradition

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My littlest little lost her first tooth this week! She looks ridiculously cute with her goofy smile and she is very excited for her first Tooth Fairy visit! We have a tradition in our family that when my littles loose … Continued