Marbled Easter Eggs

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Easter egg dying is always such a fun activity. I love seeing all the different colors and the creations that my kids make. In years past we have used natural dyes (onion skins, cabbage, turmeric, etc), but this year we … Continued

An Army of Ewoks

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The kids and I have been enjoying their time off this week. They have loved creating and crafting to pass the time. My middle little has been itching to create something from this book he got for Christmas and of … Continued

Dollhouse Makeover

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My littlest little’s Birthday is coming up and I wanted to do something extra special for her! She is just starting to get into Barbies type dolls and has asked for some for her Birthday. This in itself creates a … Continued

Easy Art Display

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One of the most freeing things that I have learned as a mother is that my kids don’t care if it’s perfect and they don’t care if it’s Pinterest worthy. They care that I spend time with them, make them feel … Continued

Remembrance Day Poppies


For Remembrance Day, the kids and I did a fun, simple poppy craft. I love poppies! Such a beautiful flower and symbol of remembrance. They make me think of my Gramps, not only because he served in WWII, but because … Continued

Halloween House Decorations

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Halloween decorating is one of my favorite things! I’m not really into the spooky or creepy things, mainly from having small children around and also because it creeps me out. When we moved awhile back, I got rid of ALOT … Continued

Sugar Skull Masks


One of our favorite movies of all time is ‘The Book of Life’. We watch it alot and it captivates our entire family, not just the kids. The story, the artwork, the music … we love everything about it! When … Continued

Turkey Leg Treat Bags

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This year we headed to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Since they had everything covered for the meal, we decided to bring a fun treat bag for all the kids. The kids had several ideas of what the treat … Continued