Bunny Flyers

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Happy Easter weekend!! This morning my littles and I made some simple Bunny Flyers, inspired by the paper helicopters we made awhile back. You don’t need much to make them and they are super entertaining for kids … and adults! … Continued


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What do you do when your little dude reaches the age when giving out hearts and saying ‘I Like You’ isn’t cool for Valentines Day anymore? Add some slime! Slime makes everything better!! This is exactly how my middle dude … Continued

Paper Helicopters

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One of the things that sold me on our current house was how the stairwell was open to all 3 stories, trivial I know, but I loved it. I immediately had visions of parachute men and rappelling stuffed animals making … Continued


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Oobleck is nothing new, it’s been around forever. However if you’ve never had the pleasure of playing with something that feels like both a liquid and a solid (a non-Newtonian fluid, if you will), you’re missing out! We have made … Continued

Rainbow Flower Experiment

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To get into the St.Patrick’s Day spirit, the kids and I thought we’d try a rainbow flower experiment! I picked up the supplies and after school we got to work. We started by deciding on the colors we wanted to … Continued

Science Birthday Party

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Birthdays are usually low key, family affairs around our house, but this year the boys twisted our arm into letting them have friends over for a party. My middle little wanted to have a science themed party, so that they … Continued

Homemade Slime

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With my middle little’s Science Birthday Party just days away, I thought I would give one more experiment a try. I have to say I was pretty skeptical about this slime recipe actually working out, but it came together amazingly! … Continued

Baking Soda Surprises

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Baking soda and vinegar. What could be better for a group of little boys?! My middle little is hosting a Science Birthday Party next week and I thought this would be a perfect experiment to conduct. To up the fun … Continued

Kaleidoscope Rice

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My littles are off school this week and so I was in need of an activity to keep them busy. I have seen various sensory activities all over Pinterest and finally thought I’d give one a try. I chose to dye some rice … Continued

Water Bead Fun

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Water beads!! What a crazy sensory experience! I know we are late to the game and these crazy little things have been around for years, but we have never played with them until today. The kids played with them for … Continued