Christmas Lego Advent

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This post is better late than never, I guess. Prepare yourself for Lego. Lego. And more Lego. We love Lego and have made it part of our Christmas tradition.

Advent calendars come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and themes. My kids go nuts for them and I bet yours do too!? Over the years we have had so many different ones … the chocolate one, the Lego one, a crafting one, a random acts of kindness one, etc. But, the one that has been on repeat over the years is a super simple homemade advent, made using our own Legos.


The concept is simple, they build some sort of winter scene and Santa moves down numbered Lego bricks until he reaches his destination on the 24th. We have been doing this for about 5 years and it has been so fun to watch the kids sift through their Lego and create. Each year is so different and totally reflects their age and skill.

After they’ve built their scene we add washi tape to the stepping stone bricks that they’ve chosen and then write the numbers on them. They then get to move Santa down the path each day. They love it!!

Last year however, we decided to splurge and buy Santa’s Workshop as my older two were looking for more of a challenging build. This set was perfect and so detailed! We felt good about the splurge, because after Christmas the set gets packed away with all the other Christmas things and not left out with their everyday Legos. It makes it special and the pieces don’t get lost!


Since we’re on the topic of Lego and Christmas, here is something else fun that we do with it …. Christmas Bingo! I found these cute Bingo sheets and cards at Wal-Mart a few years ago, but I wanted them to last longer than one season. So, I added Christmas cardstock to the back of the cards and sheets and then laminated them all. They are going on 6 years of use and still look brand new!

Each year I have the kids fill up a few small jars with red, green and white Lego pieces to use as markers for their Bingo games. It’s so simple and is the perfect thing for them to do while I make dinner!



This year we added this ridiculous little Santa set to our Christmas Lego collection. My middle little could not bear to leave him in the Lego store, he was completely smitten. So home he came and now Santa lives on our mantle amongst the other decorations! He too, will be taken apart and tucked away with the Christmas things so that he can be enjoyed year after year!


Whether you buy a new set or use the Legos you have, incorporating them into your Holiday is super easy and fun for all! Happy building!!


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