Circle Art

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“I like big art and I cannot lie” … it’s the truth, I LOVE big art. It makes such an impact!

I have been slowly accumulating artwork created by the kids or myself or both, to create an art gallery wall in our stairwell. It’s a large wall and I feel like it needs to be filled with big pieces so that it isn’t too busy. I’ve had a large poster size Ikea frame kicking around for awhile and this idea in my head that would be perfect for it … tons of painted circles in a rainbow of colors! To add another level of interest we used book pages from a Harry Potter book that I used for a previous project and I think it looks amazing!


Materials + Supplies

  • Book Pages or Paper
  • Watercolor Paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Circle Punch (we used a 2″ punch)
  • Glue Stick
  • Picture Frame
  1. We started by painting the book pages with watercolor paints. The kids had fun trying different patterns + colors. After their pages dried, I went over + added another layer with various patterns.
  2. Once the pages were all dry, we punched circles out of all the pages. The scrap pile looked almost as pretty as the circles.




3. I used the backside of the paper that came with the frame + laid the circles down in a random pattern. I found the center points on all 4 sides + spaced them out evenly. I started with the center circle + used a glue stick to secure to the paper, then worked my way out, keeping everything lined up (I just eyeballed the whole thing, but you could use a ruler if you wanted to make sure it was perfectly straight).


Here’s a close up of pages … so fun!


4. Pop it into the frame + you’re done!!


It’s so colorful and the circles are all so different. This big art piece definitely makes a big statement! I can’t wait to hang it up in our stairwell with the rest of our art pieces.


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