Clover Print Making

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To celebrate St.Patrick’s Day and do something fun after school, the kids and I made clover prints. We used supplies that we had on hand and they had a ton of fun getting messy! I had to calm my inner voice that was spazing out over the green paint everywhere and remind myself that it could be cleaned up and that they were having fun!

Materials + Supplies

  • Paper
  • Green Paint
  • Peppers, Bottle Caps, Marshmallows (pretty much anything to help stamp a clover shape)
  1. Cut the pepper in half + set aside. Squirt green pain in varying shades onto a plate and dip the halved peppers into the paint.
  2. Stamp the pepper down on the paper + repeat to your heart’s content.
  3. Use various objects to create clovers … bottle caps, marshmallows, fingers!




They had alot of fun and their pictures turned out priceless! By the end, their hands were completely covered in paint and they were smiling form ear to ear. I love how we get to connect and bond together through making art.



I just had to share this Lego creation that my oldest made … isn’t it fantastic!? I sure do love his creativity!



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