Kaleidoscope Rice

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My littles are off school this week and so I was in need of an activity to keep them busy. I have seen various sensory activities all over Pinterest and finally thought I’d give one a try. I chose to dye some rice and let them have fun mixing the colors and feeling it fall through their fingers.

I used this recipe to dye the rice and used gel food coloring. The kids helped me out with it and loved mixing the the rice in the bags. We let it dry on trays over night before playing with it, to make sure the color was really set. The recipe was super easy and used ingredients we already had, which is always a bonus!


The kids each had their own glass casserole dish to mix and play in. They scooped whatever color they wanted into their dish and got busy swirling the rice together. I set out a bunch of kitchen things to play and explore with … measuring spoons, lunch containers, scoops, funnels, etc. The funnels were the biggest hit, they all loved them!





It was so fun to see the different color combinations they came up with. While they were playing they chatted and joked about what their ‘mix’ was called and so I thought why not?! When they were finished playing we labeled some zip top bags and put their color mixes in … Ocean Mix, Cotton Candy Mix and Taco Mix! The rest of the rice is being stored by color  in containers I found at the dollar store. With proper care, the kaleidoscope rice can last for years!




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