Creepy Brain Cupcakes

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Happy Halloween!! I just had to share these creepy cupcakes that I made for dessert tonight, because they turned out so good (both in the way they look and the way they taste, yum!). They are seriously so easy to make and have major creep factor!


I started out by making my favorite chocolate cupcake recipe, found here. While they were cooling I whipped up, literally, the topping. My kids hate butter icing and just plain old whipped cream isn’t firm enough for what I wanted to do, so whipped cream pudding icing it was (I have no idea if that’s what it is really called, but that’s what I call it). To make the icing, I pour a tall carton of whipping cream into the mixer and start it on low. Then I slowly add 1 box of vanilla instant pudding while it is still mixing and turn the speed up. It thickens fairly quickly so keep an eye on it. Once it is thick turn off the mixer, remove the bowl and fold in your color. Now mixing the perfect brain color took alittle trial and error, it had to be a nice pink but with a tinge of grey to it. I ended up using gel food coloring in red, a dash of yellow and teeny tiny bit of black. VOILA, brain icing!!

Once the cupcakes were cool, I hollowed out a little bit of the center using a paring knife and filled it up with cherry pie filling. To pipe the brain on I filled up a zip top bag and snipped off a corner. I started at what would be the back and squiggled to the front and then a straight line down the center to the back, in one fluid motion. This took a few cupcakes to get the hang off. Because the icing is whipped cream I suggest refrigerating until you’re ready to eat them.

To serve the cupcakes I put a smear of the cherry pie filling on the plate and placed an unwrapped cupcake on top. It gave it the perfect amount of creepiness and the kids LOVED it.


Happy Halloween everyone!!


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