Dino Christmas Ornaments

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In keeping with our fun, colorful and homemade ornament theme this year, I thought some DIY glittered dinos were in order! I know this is not a new idea (there have been glittered dinos and animals on Pinterest forever), but this is my take on it. What is more festive than glittery dinosaurs wearing Santa hats?!


Materials + Supplies

  • Dinosaurs, any size
  • Tiny Santa Hats
  • Small Eye Hook
  • Thread or Ribbon
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue
  • Spray Paint, color + clear
  • Glitter
  • Drop Cloth or Sheet
  • Disposable Tinfoil Roasting Trays
  • Drill + Tiny Drill Bit
  1. Protect the area where you will be spray painting, preferably outside with good ventilation. Lay out your dinos in groups, depending on what color you are spraying them (don’t mind my other projects mixed in with the dinos). Give them 2-3 good coats, turning them so that they are totally covered in the paint. Let dry.



2. Once dry, arrange the dinos on the roasting trays (mine are on a Rubbermaid lid as well so that I could carry them inside to dry, as it was freezing outside), still in the color groups. One by one give them a quick spray of the clear spray paint + then sprinkle the glitter on them while it is still wet. I used the roasting trays because you could turn the dinos around + do the other sides right away, as the ripples in the tray kept them from sticking to a flat surface. Repeat with with all your dinos, in all the colors.

3. Once dry, give them all a quick coat of clear to seal in the glitter. Let them fully dry, I suggest letting them cure for a day or overnight.

4. Using a hot glue gun, glue the tiny Santa hats onto your dinos. I chose to only do some of them, as a few of the dinos heads were super small.

If making larger tabletop dinos, you’re done + skip the remaining steps!

5. Drill a small pilot hole in each dino, where ever you would like the hook to go. Screw in the eye hooks to the dinos.

6. Cut your thread or ribbon to the desired length and attach it to the eye hooks. Hang them up on your tree!

I love how they turned out and the kids think we have the coolest tree ever! They add an unexpected and playful touch to our Christmas decor this year. I think they all need some names, since the kids keep treating them like their pets … maybe the turquoise T-Rex can be Frank?!

Merry Christmas from Frank and the gang!!

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