Dollhouse Makeover

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My littlest little’s Birthday is coming up and I wanted to do something extra special for her! She is just starting to get into Barbies type dolls and has asked for some for her Birthday. This in itself creates a great debate … which doll to go with? Monster High? Ever After High? Disney Princesses? Barbie? All of them??

After chatting with the hubs, asking all my sisters for opinions and stealthily asking the little which one she liked the most, we decided to do Ever After High and Monster High dolls. While every type of doll has it’s pros and cons, we liked how this particular lines played off the fairy tales and fantasy (and for this fashion loving mom, their clothes are so over the top fabulous, I can’t help but love them too).

I found a dollhouse on our local buy and sell, that had seen better days. The price was right and my mind was overflowing with ideas of how to transform it! I did a quick sketch of what I was planning to do with the dollhouse. Since it can be played with from any side, I thought it would be fun to have one side Ever After themed and the other Monster High. With my plan ready, I got to work.



I started by giving the dollhouse a super good cleaning to get all the dirt off. Then I primed and painted all of the wooden trim turquoise. Once everything had cured for a few days, I modge podged scrapbook paper onto the walls (don’t look too close, some of it wrinkled) and created wainscoting with cardboard cereal boxes. In some of the rooms I added chair rails above the wainscoting, using wooden trim found at the craft store.

The flooring is probably my favorite part, but man was it sure a pain to do! I used jump popsicle sticks with the rounded ends cut off, to create hardwood floors. My plan was to do the entire house, but after I realized how much it hurt my hand to cut the sticks, I settled on the top floor and a main floor room. I covered up the holes in the floor where the stairs were with cardboard and hot glued the popsicle sticks down. I left the Ever After side natural and sealed it with a clear varnish. For the Monster High side, I gave the ‘hardwood’ floor a black wash and then sealed it. For the rest of the house, I used a rug from the dollar store that I cut to size; blue for the Ever After side and black for Monster High.

The finishing touch was the roof. I layer popsicle sticks to look like shingles and hot glued them in place. Once the whole roof was done I painted the Ever After side light pink, with gold accents and the Monster High side black with silver accents.



I love how the dollhouse turned out! It truly is a one of a kind piece for my one of a kind little! The hardest part about the whole process was keeping it a secret from her! That meant lots of late nights as I worked on it after the kids went to bed and an off limits area in the basement.




She was THRILLED when she received it for her Birthday! Her brothers gave her 2 Ever After High dolls for her Birthday and she got right to playing with it. Since she doesn’t have any Monster High dolls, she decided that one side will be for the Royals and the other for the Rebels.



Now I have to get to work decorating those walls and creating some furniture for her dolls!


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