Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day! Today we celebrated by baking Earth shaped sugar cookies, making seed bombs and starting some seeds in eggshells. The cookies were much easier to make than I anticipated and the kids ended up doing 95% of the work! High five! We used our go to sugar cookie recipe and split it into 2/3 and 1/3 pieces. We dyed the larger piece blue and the smaller green. The kids then rolled the blue dough into balls and added small pieces of green on top of the balls. Then we baked them and they magically came out looking like little Earths. So fun and so easy!!


The seed bombs were a longer process and unfortunately the kids lost interest half way through. The end result is super fun and I’m excited to see how they grow (we used a wildflower seed mix!). I plan to give this project another go with the kids and perhaps try a different recipe.


We finished up our celebration of Earth Day by starting some seeds for our garden. We used eggshells that we had been saving, so that we can plant them straight into the ground. My ceramic egg crates made the perfect little holders for their shells. Happy Earth Day!!



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