Fabric Gift Wraps

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Are you a wait till the last minute wrapper or I’ve had it all done for weeks wrapper??! Me, I’m somewhere in-between! I try to get a good chunk of it done ahead of time, but always end up wrapping a few on Christmas Eve, usually while the husband and I watch Christmas Vacation. It’s kind of become a tradition! 

I’m going to share a not-so-secret-secret with you all, that has been a GAMECHANGER in my present wrapping game … Fabric Wraps!!! My blogging partner in crime and older sister Kristine gave me a book years ago called Wrapagami, which is all about using fabric as gift wraps. It includes a bunch of different ways to wrap and tie up a present. It honestly makes wrapping a breeze! No fighting with tape or scissors, no ribbons either and the end result is simple and beautiful!

You don’t need much to get started with fabric wraps, all you need is some cute fabric! I have made mine all out of good quality quilting cotton. You can finish the edges in a few different ways … I chose to give mine a small hem with mitered corners, or you can simply use pinking shears on the edges or a zig zag stitch around the edges. All are great ways to finish off your wraps.

In the book they suggest various different sizes for wraps and for years I used only one size, the one in the middle measuring approximately 28″ square. This year I sewed up a few more to add to my collection, a smaller 19″ square and a larger 41″ square. The small one is great for gifts like a small Lego set or a small book, while the medium sized one can fit things like larger books or clothes. The large one is great for wrapping things like a big box of Lego (you know the huge one that was on all the black Friday deals!) or dolls or even a sewing machine (wink, wink).

I have made them in a bunch of different Christmas prints and even have a separate stash of them for Birthdays. When I first started using them I was worried that my kids wouldn’t be as excited because they couldn’t tear through the paper like a crazy person. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t even phase them! They are seriously low maintenance and so simple! I cannot say that enough … SO, SO SIMPLE! After we use them, I give them a quick iron before I fold them up and pack them away.

Just look how simple they are to use!!

1.Choose a wrap for your gift, I used my smallest size.

2. Center your gift on the wrap.

3. Fold in 2 corners opposite each other.

4. Fold in the remain 2 corners, tucking the sides in like you would when wrapping with paper.

5. Tie the ends into a knot, voila! Perfect + simple!!

You can slip a card under the knot or attach a tag with ribbon or a safety pin. We use safety pins and some laminated letters that I made. Each member of our family has a bag full of their initial and then we can write who the gift is from on the back of the letter. This system has worked out great for us over the years. I love that each year I don’t have to fuss or think too much about wrapping!

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