Fall Leaves Maze


I love fall. I love everything from the changing leaves to the cooler weather with its energizing crisp morning air. Its a welcome change for my kids too. They can hardly wait to get the rakes and see who can make the biggest pile or the best ‘leaf angel’!


One of our challenges over the years has been a small yard. Although, quite limiting at times, it has forced us out into our community more. We have learned to appreciate the many small parks, bike paths, and green spaces all around us.

One of these, a small green space just down the road, has served as our ‘yard’ on many occasions! This park is surrounded by big, beautiful 100 year old trees packed full of leaves… So needless to say, autumn is a lot of fun over there!


Their favorite, every year, has become a game they created while intently raking their tall mountains.. a maze of sorts. Using their rakes, they make long paths through the thick layer of fallen leaves, weaving and turning and twisting all around the park.

Once the winding maze is complete, a game of tag ensues! The only rule being, is they must stay on the paths created. They run from one side of the park to the other for hours!


The wind blows, the city comes and rakes, and their cleverly constructed course disappears, sometimes daily. I have loved watching over the years how they never get upset, rather quite the opposite- all of them, excited for the chance to start all over again!

My kids teach me things about life all the time. But its every year when the leaves start to fall that one of their best lessons resonates loudly- ‘sometimes it really is that simple’. No fancy supplies. No long lists or days of planning. Just a rake and some leaves is all you need!

Happy Fall!kristine

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