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Happy Friday the 13th!! It’s time for a new Family Book Club selection and what better day to introduce our choice than today! As many of you may know, Netflix has been teasing the world for months with trailers for their remake of an amazing book series, and we have been eating every one up! The kids (and let’s be honest the adults too) have been counting down the days till it was released and today is that day!! We love being able to read a book that has a movie or show based on it, because it allows us to 1. Spend more family time together … Movie Night!!! 2. It creates more discussion around the book, as we compare the two and 3. We get to see how others imagined the story and compare if it’s how we saw it in our heads too.


Our new selection is …  A series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket! If you have not read them yet, then I highly suggest that you do! It is such an imaginative, dark, twisty, well written series. My two oldest littles have already blown through the series a while ago, but I thought it would be fun to read them aloud for the whole family. We are already 3/4 of the way through the first book The Bad Beginning, because my littles were eager to watch the Netflix show when it came out. Count Olaf is marvelously evil and the Boudelaire Orphans are resilient, courageous and strong.

We have had a serious crush on this series for a long time! Whenever I go into a thrift store I always leave with any hardcover copies of the books, whether I need them or not. The extra copies get used as filler on our bookshelves … we probably have atleast 3 full sets by now! We also play the soundtrack from the movie quite regularly, as it makes great background music for working or creating.


As for our last Family Book Club selection, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, it kind of fizzled out. We started it in November, but our schedule was soon over run with Christmas concerts and all things holiday, so the book got put on the back burner. I plan to pull it out again in late February or early March, because we are taking the kids to see Alberta Ballet’s Alice in Wonderland mid March!! We’re all so excited for that and I think re-reading the book closer to the ballet would be a great idea. Happy reading!! 

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