Family Book Club

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We love books in our family, like alot! My oldest devours them and we are always on the hunt for new things for him to read. My middle little follows in his brother’s footsteps and plows through books, although his taste in books is very different from his brothers’. My littlest has recently decided to not like books and that breaks my heart. I think it comes from learning to read at school and feeling discouraged. While me and the hubs still read to her each night and encourage her to find the words she knows or sound out some new ones, she still gets frustrated.

We decided to start a Family Book Club, to help foster more family time and to take some of the weight off her little shoulders. We’ll try to read a chapter a night and choose books that have a movie adaptation of them, so that once we are done the book we can watch the movie for movie night (every Friday night is Family Movie Night, we look forward to it all week!). We hope that by everyone taking turns reading aloud (my youngest when she feels confident enough) and being together, she can relax and enjoy books again. I want her to love books and appreciate them, not find them work or frustrating. I feel that a love of reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child!


For our first Family Book Club selection, we chose a classic … Stuart Little By E.B. White. Such a great story about love, acceptance and friendship. It is an easy read and the book is interspersed with beautiful illustrations to hold my littlest’s attention when it starts to wonder. We can’t wait to start!



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