Find your happy


I love flowers. I love the way they make me smile just by simply existing. As I get older and life gets busier, I realize that ‘my happy’ it is not a list of big beautiful things but rather a collection of hundreds of simple little things.

Laughing kids, homemade cookies, and good night kisses. Fresh flowers, a good book, newly sharpened pencils, and clean sheets.


I am trying to be more aware and live a more purposeful life. Some days it’s a challenge to even take notice, becoming easily consumed by all the places to be and things to do.

I watch my kids grow and see how different they are. We try diligently to expose them to all kinds of experiences and support their numerous curiosities. Encouraging them to discover their ‘happy’- as individuals, not just brothers and sisters or sons and daughters.

What matters most to me is that my kids are happy kids. Nice kids. Kids that know they are loved. Everything else is extra (nice extras, but extras!).

It is especially rewarding to watch my older kids search, find, and develop their sense of self- learning along the way the little things that make them smile. Every day another chance for discovery no matter how old you are!


Some days I do better than others. Its a journey. Such a cliche, but yet so true!

So when you look out your window, wave at the crazy lady standing on the sidewalk smiling at your meticulous yard and beautiful flowers.. and remember to find your happy in today!kristine


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