Golden Snitch Valentines

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and with that inevitably comes class parties and Valentine’s cards. My littles have been busy dreaming up what they would like their cards to look like for weeks now and I have to say they had some fantastic ideas! We’ll start with my oldest dude’s Valentines, because they might just be my most favorite thing EVER!!

My oldest little is a huge Harry Potter fan (aren’t we all?!) and wanted to do something with that theme. We brainstormed and browsed Pinterest until we found the perfect idea … Golden Snitches!! Amazing, right?! 

They are incredibly easy to make and look amazing! I couldn’t find a wing design that I loved on Pinterest, so I created my own. We added the phrase “You Are Quite A Catch” to one wing and “To/From” on the other wing for addressing the Valentines. You can grab a free printable of Golden Snitch Wings below, if you would like to make your own Golden Snitches!

Golden Snitch Valentine Printable

Materials + Supplies

  • Golden Snitch Wing Printable (Printed out on white paper, cardstock or vellum)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
  • Gold Wrapped Chocolate (Ferrero Roche or Lindt work great!!)
  1. Cut out the Golden Snitch wings + have your child address them. Set aside.
  2. If using Ferrero Roche chocolates, remove sticker from top + gently remove brown paper.
  3. Fold over the small inside point on the each wing, as pictured below. Apply a small amount of hot glue to the fold + position on chocolate. Remember to have one wing with the phrase + one with the names. **NOTE** If using Lindt chocolates, you can skip making a fold on the wings + just glue them directly onto the wrapper ends on each side.
  4. To give the wings the illusion of movement, gently wrap them around a large marker or dowel to give them a curved look.

They turned out so great and really were easy to put together. My little dude is so excited to give these out to his friends at school! I love that his shirt in the picture even matches the house he is in, Ravenclaw, completely unplanned but oh so perfect! (I told you, we’re big Harry Potter fans and spend way too much time on Pottermore).

For a Harry Potter loving family like us, these cute little Golden Snitch Valentines are beyond amazing!

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