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Each year for Christmas we get our kids a few books. Often its the next book in a series they’re reading, other times its a beautiful picture book and sometimes you just have to learn how to speak droid and wookie! Over the years our book giving tradition has evolved to include giving a non-fiction book as well. My littles love these books, as they are a great break from the imaginative worlds they submerse themselves in. Our favorite non-fiction books to give our kids lately have been the National Geographic Kids books.

They have such amazing, vivid and clear pictures all wrapped up in solid hardcovers. We have a lot of these books in our collection, including a whole pile of paperback readers too. For Christmas this year we found each of our littles the perfect non-fiction National Geographic Kids book to suit each of their personalities and interests.


My oldest little is a vivacious reader! Ever since he was a tiny dude, he would devour books and was reading well above grade level. We gave him the 5000 Awesome Facts book and he absolutely loved it! Before we had even finished opening gifts on Christmas morning he was dazzling us with all sorts of facts.

My middle little has been obsessed with getting a pet turtle for months. He wants one so badly, but with two crazy cats that chase anything that moves, I’m not sure how having a small pet like that would go. To help curb his turtle obsession for awhile we got him the Ultimate Ocean-pedia. Of course I should have known that the first thing he would do with the book, was to flip through and find the turtles!

“How does the washing machine work?” “How do our eyes see?” Why is the sky blue?” How come my body needs sleep?”. My littlest little is full of so. many. questions. At times I just want to answer with “Because!” or something like that, but her curiosity is precious. For her, we gave the First Big Book of How. She has loved flipping through the book and getting answers to questions she hasn’t even asked yet.

Next time you’re looking for a new book for the littles in your life, why not pick up a 5000 Awesome Fact book or one of the many great National Geographic Kids books. Your littles will learn so much and have fun while doing it. Happy reading!!


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