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The Mysterious Benedict Society. This was a fun read. My oldest and I read this series when she was in middle school and we both loved it! We had two copies of the first book, but once finished I would have to patiently wait my turn for the next two!


The ingenious little Kate with her bucket reminded us so much of my next daughter, also a K-name! So, with much insisting and playful encouragement, she also read it and loved it!

The trio of books have sat comfortably on our shelf as part of our small home library for the last couple years. Always gaining curious peeks by the littler kids, but still being too big of a read for them… Until this past year, when my fourth daughter needed a ‘new book’ to read- bringing back to life the Mysterious Benedict Society!


She enjoyed it just as much as the rest of us. Definitively a family favorite! Thank you Trenton Lee Stewart!kristine

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