Halloween Bling


Halloween at our house can get a little crazy. With six kids, I have had to learn to simplify this literally- scary day!

Something I started years ago, that has saved me over and over, is to collect accessories. As my kids get older Halloween is not quite as straight forward. They don’t want to be Darth Vader or a princess, but rather things like James Bond or a Disco dancer (and those are just two of the easier requests!).

Throughout the years, I have gathered a stock pile of a generic sort- everything from goofy sunglasses to costume jewelry to striped tights and knee socks of all different colors.


Sometimes it’s the accessory that sparks an idea for a costume. I watch the sale racks. I glance at the clearance jewelry. I wander the second-hand stores. I have found great treasures! Dollar store sunglasses with the lenses popped out, ugly neck ties, silk scarves and brooches, bandannas, anything that might add that little bit extra to any costume… A great place for those scrunchies you used to wear in Junior High!


One of our favorite Halloween memories is when one of my sons wanted to be ‘James Bond’. I thought how the heck am I going to pull this one off? So, we luckily had some tuxedo shirts in our Halloween bin from when my older girls sang in a traveling choir. We used that shirt paired with one of my bow ties and picked up a pair of aviator sunglasses from the dollar store. He wore his church pants and jacket. Of course, we slicked his hair back and made him look very chic!

He was thrilled and couldn’t wait to be the coolest guy out there trick or treating… until we got to the first house. They opened the door and excitingly said “Wow, you look great! What a fabulous costume- limousine driver! We would have never thought of that!”. Makes us laugh every year when we see those tuxedo shirts sitting in our Halloween bin. Someone inevitably says, “Who’s being the limousine driver this year?”!


My little collection has been a life saver, not just at Halloween, but for school projects and presentations, costume parties, team dinners, school dress up days. Eliminates some of those last minute rushed trips to the store being able to grab the little bin and let the kids go crazy!

So, next time you walk past that ugly hat or gaudy necklace on clearance for just pennies… grab it and start your own goofy collection! Happy Halloween!kristine

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