Halloween Candy Cookies

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The kids brought home all the Halloween candy! Seriously, between the 3 of them, it filled 2 bins overflowing. A week later and the candy/chocolate bin is 3/4 gone!! I can’t believe we have eaten that much candy!?

I had to find something to do with some of our remaining Halloween candy, pronto! Years ago when my boys were teeny tiny and could only eat a handful of treats, I used to cut up their Halloween chocolate bars and put them in the freezer, to be used in cookies for the next few months. I thought this would be the perfect use of all this candy!


A few Christmases ago, my husband gave me this cookbook and it has the best chocolate chip cookie recipe. They are ridiculously good! I have been using this recipe for years as a base and changing what I add into the dough. Our favorite combinations are adding toasted coconut and dark chocolate chunks or dried cherries and white chocolate chunks. For the Halloween candy cookies, I chose to add Coffee Crisp and Snickers (not together). I made a regular recipe and chopped up the chocolate bars into rough chunks. I then split the dough into 2 bowls before mixing in the Coffee Crisp and Snickers.




I rolled all of the dough into balls and popped about 3/4 of them into freezer bags and then set them flat in the freezer. This makes it so easy to have freshly baked cookies anytime (and saves me from eating all the cookies). I baked the remaining cookie balls and they turned out perfectly! The Snickers cookies were all gooey because of the caramel and the Coffee Crisp cookies had a nice crunch because of the wafers. My favorite were definitely the Coffee Crisp cookies!



While I was pulling out candy, I decided to grab things that I thought would be great for decorating gingerbread houses too! These little Halloween size packs will be perfect for putting together little individual gingerbread house decorating kits!!



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