Halloween Costume – Skeleton Pirate

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My littlest little is in a sweet spot this year, where she fits all the out grown costumes from years past. She has been having a hard time deciding what to dress up as for Halloween, so we’ve been doing a few test runs. Last week we got her all dressed up as a Viking! She was the toughest (and cutest!) little shield maiden since Lagertha herself!

She also still fits into her Witch costume from years past, which she really likes as well. Since she has grown taller, the dress is alittle shorter, but it would look fabulous with some striped tights peeking out the bottom.

The last costume to try was a Skeleton Pirate! The boys have been pirates on and off through out the years and one year my middle dude was a skeleton pirate. Our starting point was a cute little pirate coat that I sewed for my oldest years ago. It has stood the test of time and still looks great. We layered a black and white striped dress that she already had and pair of skeleton print tights that we found at the dollar store. She wanted to wear her ballet flats because they showed off more of the bones and they looked super cute. I found an old belt in the dress up bin to wear over the coat and her outfit was complete!


My littlest little did not want to wear a pirate hat and wanted her hair done instead. She really liked how we did her hair for the viking, so we mimicked it abit. I started by doing two tiny french braids down each side of her head, with a pomp in the center. I then gathered up all her hair, including the braids, and secured it with an elastic into a side ponytail. We finished off her hair with some skeleton hand clips that we found at the dollar store.

Once everything else was done, I painted her face like a skeleton. We chose not to paint the lower half because that seems to be were my kids get it all smudged as they try to drink/eat/talk.





To say she loved this costume is an understatement. She spent the day in the facepaint and even at bedtime begged to keep it on! I think this may be the one to win out in the end, but I guess we’ll just have to wait till Halloween to see!? Happy Halloween!


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