Halloween Costume – Viking

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Halloween is fast approaching and my littles have been itching to get their costumes figured out. So went to the basement and dug out the Halloween boxes to see what costumes still fit. My two boys decided that they wanted to wear their costumes from last year (high five for this momma!) and my littlest little could not make up her mind. She is in a sweet spot where she fits all the out grown costumes from years past! To help her make up her mind we decided to do a few costume test runs.

First up was a viking!! I loved this costume when the kids wore them a few years ago and I was super excited to get her all dressed up. We started with a black turtle neck and black pants as a base. Then we added a vest that I sewed out of faux fur and suede fabric, that fastens with a button. Next came furry boot covers that I made out of the same fabric as the vest. We made an awesome shield using cardboard, paint and some scrapbook brads that look like metal studs.


Doing her hair was super fun! I took inspiration from the awesome shield maiden Lagertha from Vikings. I did two tiny french braids on either side of her head and a pomp on top. We added an elastic headband (with buttons and spiked beads glued onto it) and a little bit of face paint. She was so excited with how she looked and made the cutest ‘viking’ faces. I love how this costume came together for her!






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