Halloween Costume – Werewolf

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This costume seriously is the EASIEST costume to put together and definitely has big bang for it’s buck! This particular one has been in rotation for the last 4 years at our house and has held up fabulously. My middle little decided that it was his year to be the Werewolf, as my oldest is the one that usually wears this gem. Way back when I first made it, I picked up a black long sleeve shirt and perfect plaid flannel at Value Village. I bought some fur fabric from the fabric store and cut a piece big enough to cover the chest and 2 rectangles for wrap around the lower half of the sleeves. I sewed the rectangles into a tube and then pinned the fur in place on the black shirt  and secured it with a basic straight hand stitch. To give the flannel the perfect Werewolf look, I bunched up the sleeves and cut them just past the elbow, giving them a ragged, torn edge. While at Value Village found some new Werewolf ears in their Halloween section. We completed the look with a pair of their torn jeans from their closet and skate shoes. So simple!


To complete his costume, we gave him alittle bit of brown face paint, bushy eyebrows and a cute little nose. I kept asking him to give me a scary Werewolf face for the picture, but all he could do was laugh. He is such a goofy guy and the happiest Werewolf I’ve ever seen.

His treat bag that I made to match his costume might just be my favorite! I bought one of those trick-or-treat hands on a stick that are at all the stores and spray painted it brown. Then I added some fur on the lower half of the hand and found another flannel shirt at Value Village that I sewed into a pouch. I hot glued it to the underside of the hand around the existing bag, so that it was purely decorative and not structural. It turned out so fun! He loved it and was so excited to wear his costume for Halloween.





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