Halloween Costume – Witch

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My littlest little chose to be a Witch for Halloween again, which made my job easy as I had made her one last year. I made her a dress out of scrap fabric I had on hand and used a princess dress pattern that I’ve had for the last 10 years. I was going for the whole scrappy pieced together look, so each section of the bodice is a different fabric. I made it a few sizes too big last year so that she could wear it for years to come, however she needed something to bring the waist in so she didn’t look like she was wearing a box. I used an old elastic belt I had in my closet and sewed it smaller to fit her waist. It was a perfect addition! To finish off her Witch costume I found the perfect hat at the dollar store. I added an elastic strap so that it didn’t fall off and a lining using scraps from her dress.


By her request we painted ‘fancy eyelashes’ and spiderwebs on her eyes. She just happened to have braids in her hair today, so we took them out and back combed her hair for the perfect Witch hair! Because 2 of my littles chose to use costumes we already had and I only had to create one costume from scratch this year, we decided that we needed matching trick-or-treat bags. For her Witch costume we bought a simple cauldron from the dollar store and gave it a light coat of silver spray paint so that the flames still showed through. She will be the cutest, witchiest Witch ever!





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