Halloween House Decorations

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Halloween decorating is one of my favorite things! I’m not really into the spooky or creepy things, mainly from having small children around and also because it creeps me out.

When we moved awhile back, I got rid of ALOT of stuff so that we didn’t have to move it and most of my Halloween decorations where a part of that. I was so excited to start over with my outdoor decorations and I had the perfect idea … Man. Eating. Plants.




Lucky for me, my mother had kept a whole bunch of the faux flowers and greenery from mine and my siblings weddings. It was just hanging out in her garage collecting dust, so she let me have some of it! I spritzed the greenery and flowers with brown and black spray paint to give them a rotting, ghoulish look. The daisies and roses got googly eyes glued in the center (the daisies were my favorite plant creation!). We made man eating plants using foam pumpkins, pvc pipe and greenery. These big suckers turned out FANTASTIC! We stood them up in big urns with a bunch of greenery around the bottom.

I waited till Micheals put their Halloween floral picks on 70% and picked up a bunch to put into the flower pots for some bling. One of my other favorite plant creations was the reflective eye picks that I found at Wal-Mart. I taped an ivy ball to the stick, with the eyes poking out and we lined the walkway with them. They look so cute during the day and at night their eyes reflect the light giving them a spooky vibe.




The kids helped me cut out spooky silhouettes from black poster paper and we taped them to the windows. I hung up green plastic tablecloths over all the windows to make the silhouettes pop. When it’s dark outside and the lights are on, the house transforms into a spooky botanical scene. I love how it all turned out! We can’t wait to see the reactions on Halloween night!




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