Halloween Costume – Mad Scientist

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Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. For me it is all about creating the costumes, I LOVE costumes! C’mon, who doesn’t love dressing up?!

This year for Halloween was pretty simple, as 2 of the 3 littles wanted to use costumes from previous years. My oldest wanted to be a Mad Scientist and so we set out to make a costume that was unique and not your typical Mad Scientist. We decided to try and channel atliitle bit of a steampunk vibe with his costume as well. So off we went to Value Village to pick up a men’s dress shirt, which I refashioned to resemble a double-breasted lab coat and scaled the fit for my 9 year old. I then made an apron out of scrap faux leather fabric I had on hand and added some elastic loops to hold test tubes (found them at Micheals, filled with sprinkles), a metal washer and spritzed the whole thing with green and silver spray paint. I also spritzed a pair of black rubber gloves from the dollar store, picked up a wig from Wal-Mart and added a pair of welding goggles I ordered on Amazon.


We added some busy black eyebrows and dirt smudges with face paint to complete his look. For the bottom, we kept it simple with a pair of his regular jeans and skate shoes. Since I only had to create one costume from scratch this year, we decided that the costumes needed matching trick-or-treat bags. For the Mad Scientist I created a steampunk inspired pumpkin. I started with a green pumpkin bucket from the dollar store and drilled 2 holes into either side of it. I then sprayed it silver and redrew on the jack-o-lantern face with a paint pen. I screwed in 2 bolts to the holes I drilled and glued gears (found at Micheals in the jewellry section) onto the face. The perfect accessory for his costume and he cannot wait to wear it for Halloween!




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