Happy New Year!

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Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!! Another year has come and gone and a whole new one full of possibilities is here!

The past few New Years Eves have been spent at my sister’s house with my siblings and all our families (having crazy fun redneck sledding, playing games and eating all the food!), so I haven’t had to plan much for New Years around my own house for awhile. The other day, I was in full Christmas take down mode, but at the last minute decided to check the storage room for my ‘New Years Box’. I had completely forgotten about what I had collected over the years and to my surprise I found metallic paper stars, disco balls, a few mirrored ornaments, gold garland and some party hats!

Since we were staying home for New Years Eve, I thought it would be fun to decorate, so we kept the Christmas tree up and turned it into a New Years tree! We left our capiz shell garland, glitter swirls and a few balls on the tree and then added the mirrored ornaments and a disco ball at the top. We also added a few more festive touches around the house, like paper stars to the mantel and changed up the lightbox sign.

I wanted to do something special with my littles to remember 2016, before we headed into 2017 and came up with the perfect idea! I went to the craft store and picked up some frame ornaments, because I knew they always have a ton of those left over after Christmas (they were a steal at 70%!). My plan was to have each member of the family write their favorite memory from 2016 on a piece of paper, then we would pop them into the frames and put them on the tree. It worked out beautifully! As you can probably guess, I love to take pictures, so I put all the pictures I had taken through out 2016 on a slideshow and we watched as we all thought about our favorite memory. It was such a good idea to do that, as the kids kept saying “Oh ya, I forgot about that!! Remember when we did that?!”. The favorite memories from this year were … Family days at the beach // Newsies musical // Mom’s birthday, because of the pie (note: this was not mom’s memory, haha) // My birthday party // Family trip to Edmonton. 

I absolutely love these simple little ornaments. Now each year we can pull them out for New Years and reminiscence about the years past and the memories are preserved in their perfectly imperfect handwriting. I plan to keep up this tradition and add to the collection each year!

A New Years Eve tradition that we used to do with all the adults, when our kids were babies was to have a Tetris tournament! We took it pretty seriously and by we, I mean my brother and I. It usually was always down to us two at the end and the prize for the winner was epic … the loser had to parade the winner around the house, on their back for their victory tour! It was amazing! I would share pictures, but they are hilariously bad!

I stumbled upon this super fun Tetris puzzle before Christmas and it brought all those memories back! I thought that since we were just at home with our own kids this New Years Eve, we should carry on the Tetris tradition! During the day, the kids worked on the puzzle and insisted on playing the Tetris theme music while doing it (it was actually pretty stinking funny). By late afternoon they were begging to practice their Tetris skills before the big tournament. When we all actually started playing, the tournament turned into more of a marathon with “Just one more game!?” being echoed by all into the late hours. By the end of the night, who won or lost wasn’t important, the memories we made were! Such a fun, laid back way to welcome in the new year!

This New Years Eve wasn’t the most extravagant or flashy, but it definitely was one to remember! Cheers to 2017!

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