Kitty Cat Birthday Party

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My littlest little celebrated her 6th birthday last weekend!! I know it’s cliche, but where has the time gone?! Since her brothers got to have a friend party this year, so did she and she was over the moon excited!

We are cat people and my littlest little is well on her way to being a crazy cat lady. She asks all the time if we can get more cats and we already have 2! So when I asked her what kind of party she wanted to have, of course she replied with “A cat party!”. I designed some simple invitations in the shape of a cat head and we added some paper flowers to pretty them up.


I made my little the cutest dress for her birthday using The Molly Dress Pattern by Simple Life Patterns. The simple details of this dress are perfect … the pintucked front, cute collar and the deep scoop back! She was so excited about her new dress and looked beautiful in it!



My little wanted to give all the party guests cats to take home, so I decided to center the party around adopting a kitty cat. As the guests arrived they received a kitty cat headband to wear and then we headed over to the adoption table. I had a basket filled with assorted cat Beanie Boos for the girls to choose from. In the weeks leading up to her party, I collected them from the craft store using 50% coupons!!

They were all so excited!  After they chose their kitty cats, they got to pick a blanket for them too. I used some of my fabric scraps and made simple little blankets that had cotton on one side and minky on the other.




The next thing they had to do was name their kitty cat! I set out letter beads and some other fun beads for them to make a collar for their cats. We used elastic cord so that the collars could easily go on and off their pets. We also added a jingle bell to the center. This was a HUGE hit! The girls loved it and spent a long time picking out the perfect beads.



We took a break from crafting to celebrate with some birthday cake. My littlest little thought the boys’ donut cakes for their parties were the best, so of course she asked for her own. Since she was having a cat party I thought it would be fun to get chocolate donut holes and serve them in a pet food bowl. I bought a brand new bowl and gave the outside a quick coat of paint. When she saw her cake, she had an ear to ear smile. She loved it!! We served strawberry milkshakes, in fancy crystal goblets (that we got for our wedding and rarely get to use), alongside the donut holes.



The last thing the girls had to do was decorate a house for their kitty cats! I purchased brown kraft boxes and some cute cat stickers, then let the girls have free reign of our art supplies. The washi tape quickly became a favorite for and their boxes were soon covered in stickers, marker and tape!




Once they were all finished their kitty cat houses, the girls tucked the blankets in the bottom and got their cats all cozy. We added some Kitty Cat Food (which was just coco puff cereal and M&Ms), a cute little fish bone ‘thank you’ tag and a balloon. They got to take it all home as their treat bag!



I may of heard more than one guest proclaim this as the best. party. ever! I have to agree … it was super fun to put everything together and I loved how it turned out. My littlest little has not stopped carrying around her cat house and has made about 20 more pet collars since her party, so I think she loved it too!





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