Learning Sight Words

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My littlest little is busy learning her sight words at school and so her teacher sent home a list to practice at home. I decided to make something fun to help her practice, instead of just reading off a list. I created a sheet where she would have to interact with the words in numerous ways. I made one for sight words and also one for numbers (inspired by numerous ideas on Pinterest! I just love how many creative people there are!) and laminated them.


For the sight words sheet, she’ll need to READ IT, SPELL IT and WRITE IT. I wrote a bunch of her sight words onto jumbo popsicle sticks and color coded them, with certain colors being easier than the others. To help her spell it, she will be using the letters from our Pairs in Pears game. This game has been a huge hit with my older two and has helped them with spelling for years!

For the number sheet, she’ll need to ROLL IT, COUNT IT and WRITE IT. We have a ton of dice around the house, but our favorite are from our Tenzi game. The dice colors in the Tenzi games are so fun! To help her count it, she’ll be using Lego bricks, but you can use any small object.



While I got dinner started, my littlest little sat down at the sight word invitation I set out for her and got started. It was amazing to see her confidence as she sounded out the words and found the right letters to spell it and finally to write it. She did it over and over again, asking for help on the harder words I included on the sticks. After doing the words for a while, she switched to the numbers and enjoyed it just as much.



I love it when learning and homework can be fun! Grab a printable here and create your own learning sheets!

Click here for Sight Word Sheet

Click here for Number Sheet


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