Lego Organization

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There is nothing worse than stepping on a piece of Lego with bare feet, am I right??! I have found that if my littles do not have a organized place for their Legos then they end up exploding all over the house … and I end up stepping on them! As their Lego collection multiplied, our need for a better storage system increased. Just after Christmas I got them all organized with a new simple system, but I wanted to wait a few months before sharing to see how it worked out.

Well it’s been a few months and it has been amazing! No more whining about not being able to find parts or colors or somebody not cleaning up! My littles can find what they need, play and have no problem putting things away (most of the time) since there is no excuse as to where it goes! Here’s a little peak of how I organized the Lego below and keep reading to get all the details.

First things first, I wanted to wash ALL the Lego and holy smokes was that quite the job. Our Lego was already separated by color, so we took turns dumping each color into a colander and washing it with a bit of dish soap and warm water. Then we rinsed it off and spread it out on beach towels to dry for a few hours.

To store the Lego I purchased these clear storage boxes and lids from Ikea. They are my absolute favorite! I have them all through out our house … in the kitchen, bathrooms, craft room, back hall, literally everywhere! We put one color per box, Hero Factory in one box and Duplo in another big box. We had previously been storing them in open bins that we got at a hardware store and I found that the Lego was always falling out and that the bins were always full of fluff, hair and random things. The new boxes and lids has definitely helped with that issue. For all the smaller parts like studs, wheels and extra Minifigures we sorted them into these clear organizer trays, also from Ikea. You can see the before and after below!

The bins stack easily on the shelf in our Loft and the trays of smaller parts are stored on the shelf below the coffee table. I love how the clear bins show off the Lego inside, while still keeping it organized. The Lego blends right into our bookshelves and my littles have easy access to it.

I do want to note that my littles keep their individual Lego sets and Minifigures in their rooms. I’ll have to share how we organize those in another post!

Do you find that when the toys are organized and presented in a fun way, your littles can’t wait to dig in and play?! I sure do! Since reorganizing the Lego, my littles play with it everyday! Their favorite thing right now, is to make stop motion movies with the Lego and I have to say some of them are pretty funny!

I hope our Lego storage and organization has inspired you to get organizing! How do you store your Lego? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear!

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