Leprechaun Names

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St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and my littles are super excited. Surprisingly this is one of their favorite holidays! Every year they are convinced that they are going to catch a Leprechaun. I love seeing their reactions each year and listening to them excitedly speculate about how close they came to catching a sneaky Leprechaun. Last year, my littlest had her mind set about tricking the Leprechauns with poisoned cookies, which she told anyone who would listen in a voice befitting an evil villain. It was hilarious coming from such a tiny girl but my other littles and I quickly told her that we don’t want to hurt the Leprechauns, just catch them. She was disappointed (seriously SO funny!).

We kicked off our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations this week with a fun, easy activity … choosing our Leprechaun names!! Here’s how it works,

  1. You have two jars/bowls with slips of paper in them. One jar/bowl has first names, the other has last names.
  2. You pick one from each jar/bowl and you combine them to make your Leprechaun name!

Our whole family had a blast picking our names. We ended up doing it over and over, laughing at all the combinations. In the end we all picked our favorite names to keep as our Leprechaun name for St Patrick’s Week.

I did something similar for my oldest’s Secret Spy Birthday Party, where we used a similar system to choose the party guest’s secret spy names. It was a hit at the party too!

You can grab a printable below, with all the Leprechaun names! The left column (bold font) features first names and the right column (serif font) features last names. All you have to do is print out the sheet (I used some polka dot cardstock I had on hand), cut up the slips of paper and put the first names in one jar/bowl and the last names in another!

Leprechaun Names Printable

Some of our favorite Leprechaun name combinations were Greenie Pattycakes, Knicknack Coppertop, Daffodil McWiggles and Clumsy O’Ginger. My littles laughter over the names was everything! I loved how such a simple activity kept them entertained and got them even more excited for St Patrick’s Day!

Grab a printable and have your own littles choose their Leprechaun name! It’s quick, easy and super fun! It also makes a great after school activity or lively dinner conversation! Happy St Patrick’s Week!


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