Little Builders

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I love creating with wood. I am no master carpenter- but welcome a simple little project! We had a friend who was making a big move and in the process gave us a trailer full of scrap wood. Some people would have seen this as another annoying trip to the dump- but it was like Christmas at our house!

At first, we struggled to just store it all because we didn’t have a good place. We went for months without touching it. Until one Saturday I was determined to get organized.


With my sixteen year old, we designed and built a rolling cart to sort, organize and store our newly acquired treasure! We started with a base, to which we added 5 castors so our cart could move- easily used and easily put away. Then we built up 3 sides and added a small board across the front. We wanted to be able to see everything in our bin.

Once we were to this point we found that it was too heavy for all the wood to rest against only the back. So we added a piece of wood from side to side in the middle (both along the top and bottom) to separate the load. This seemed to work great and we were able to put the larger pieces in the back and shorter, smaller ones in front- with every piece remaining easily accessible!


I also filled a small bucket with little scraps that I had been collecting for some great project one day! Needless to say, my one day still hasn’t rolled around.. so what better use than for the kids to create with them?!

My littles and middles were thrilled! They couldn’t even wait for us to sort and fill the cart before digging right in.


I rounded up some of our smaller tools; such as hammers, screw drivers, clamps, tape measures. And I put a variety of nails and screws into tin cans and jars. We help with the big cuts and power tools, but the planning and hard work is all them! Of course with a little supervision!



They spend hours hammering, measuring, and building! And sure we hammer a few fingers, get a few slivers, and nurse a few blood blisters… but it doesn’t seem to matter! We always end up with some pretty great creations and they have a ball every time! Well worth the mess (and the noise!)!kristine


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